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Video Game Party > Luna Park at Coney Island

Luna Park at Coney Island

1000 Surf Avenue Brooklyn 11224 Phone: (718)373-5862 ext. 114

Luna Park is the perfect place to celebrate that special occasion with your family and friends while having some fun in the sun.

Celebrate a BIRTHDAY, BAR OR BAT MITZVAH, GRADUATION, or any other  SPECIAL OCCASION without worrying about set-up, cook or clean-up.

Birthday Party package includes a party host, 2 hours of unlimited rides, 60 minutes in one of our party areas and more!


Call (718) 373-5862 x114 

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Basic Luna Party Package

  • Parties start at $449.00 for up to 12 guests (plus tax and 10% service charge), and $29 for each additional child.
  • 2 hour unlimited ride wristband for every party child.
  • $12 Arcade game card
  • 1 hour in an exclusive party area (choice of location in our event tent in our main location or at the historic B&B Carousell).
  • 1 slice of fresh brick oven pizza each, plus all you-can-drink fruit punch & iced tea. Adult catering options available.
  • A dedicated Luna Park party host
  • Personalized digital invitation & festive party decorations.
  • Adult wristbands available for $21. Provides 2 hours of ride time
  • Parents of the Birthday child receive 2 FREE wristbands. Provides 2 hours or ride time.

Deluxe Party Package

  • Max out the fun with a deluxe party at Luna Park with great add-ons.
  • Deluxe parties start at $699.00 for up to 12 guests. (plus tax and 10% service charge), and $49 for each additional child.
  • This include EVERYTHING from our Luna Party Package and the great options below.
  • 3 rides in any combination on the following attractions: Coney Island Cyclone,Thunderbolt, Coney Island Raceway or Zenobio
  • $15 Arcade Game card
  • 3 hour unlimited ride wristband for every child

Please Note

  • Goodie Bags available for additional fee
  • Cakes are not provided
  • All food packages must be booked in advance & paid in full 7 days before your event day. Kosher options available.
  • Skip the ordinary and come out to Brooklyn for an extraordinary Luna Park private party you and your guests will never forget.
  • Contact us by emailing Birthdays@LunaParkNYC.com or call 718-373-5862 ext. 114 and schedule your birthday party at Luna Park today!


What's NEW

  • Endeavor – Inspired from an old classic, Endeavor took the premise of a now nostalgic yet exciting thrill ride combining it with cutting edge technology to introduce an updated version. Open air, suspended passenger vehicles give riders the sensation of flying sixty feet through the air at 25 miles per hour.


High Thrill

Steeplechase - Thrilling Throwback From the History of Coney Island!  With a nod to the signature attraction of old Steeplechase Park in Coney Island, this horse-themed coaster offers up a unique rider experience. It’s off to the races at Brooklyn’s famous home for fun in the sun as you take your mount on innovative pedestal seats designed to provide the amazing free-ride feel of Steeplechase. Shoot out the gate at 0 to 40 mph in less than 2 seconds and bound along a 1,476-foot track featuring a series of jumps, dips and 65-degree banked turns as you race side-by-side for the finish line.

Air Race - The Ride That Takes Racing to the Skies!  For visitors searching for Coney Island rides that serve up a unique experience, the Air Race delivers the thrills of intense aerial piloting. Grab your friends and climb aboard one of six uniquely designed four-seater aeroplanes and take off on a wild journey high above Luna Park. Feel the sensation of acrobatic flight like never before as you glide through a fluid series of banks and barrel rolls, upside down loops and 3g weightless dives. The first amusement attraction of its kind, the stimulating atmosphere of the Air Race is enough to keep even the most experienced thrill seekers on the edge of their seats!

Brooklyn Flyer - Towering and spinning nearly 100 feet over Coney Island,  this ride is sure to get your adrenaline pumping. Fly around the clouds and see the Manhattan skyline in the distance. A ride so amazing, we had to name it after its own borough!

Luna 360 - Time Stands Still on this Mesmerizing Amusement Ride!  For those thirsty for a new panoramic perspective of Coney Island, the Luna 360 provides a breathtaking viewpoint as it swings through the air to a methodical beat. Take your place in an outward facing seat, feel the deck drop below your feet and off you go on a rhythmic NYC thrill ride that swings like the pendulum of a grandfather clock on overdrive. The rush of land and sky mesh as Luna 360 glides back and forth, sending riders head over heals through g-force inducing dual swinging and fluid spinning motions.

Soarin Eagle - Soar Through the Sky on a Coaster That Flies! Birds of a feather flock to Luna Park for an exciting ride on our very own steel roller coaster that mimics the flight of America’s most majestic bird. Board a four-across eagle-inspired train, set your sights on the horizon and feel the anticipation build as you embark on a deliberate climb up a spiral lift hill. Let out a mighty scream as you drift off in free-flowing flight over 1,293 feet of track at speeds up to 41 mph through a series of heart-line inversions, hairpin turns, barrel rolls, sudden drops and exciting twists sure to lift your spirits.

Electro Spin - Sitting motorcycle style, can you handle the spins and drops of our very own 120 foot half-pipe that’s over 50 feet tall? It’s shocking!

The Tickler - A rollercoaster that is as crazy as it sounds.  Tight turns and rapid-fire drops all while rotating.  Does that tickle your fancy?  We invite you to take a spin…or two!

Wild River - Nothing beats a refreshing, summer boat ride in your own log boat…until your pleasant log boat goes off course onto the Wild River.  Water splashes and roaring rapids arethe least of your problems when you come across a 40-foot plunge.  Ahoy!!!

Power Surge - Feel the Power on This Coney Island Classic!  Originally making it’s Coney Island debut in 2001 as part of Astroland, Power Surge has made it’s triumphant return to The People’s Playground. Filled with flips, twists, spins and turns, every ride on the Power Surge feels like the first time. Enjoy the amazing views of the boardwalk and the rest of Coney Island from atop this thrilling, classic ride that is sure to be your new and old favorite attraction


Moderate Thrill

Circus Coaster - Have you seen Bonko, the crazy Coney Island clown?  He loves taking guests on this tight-turning, high-speed rollercoaster contraption of his.  Do you have the need for speed?

Coney Island Hagn Glider - Swoop and swerve as you experience the sensation of free flight. Watch out for that seagull!

Coney Island Sound - Bounce forward and backwards on our multi-instrument band. Can you feel the beat?

Coney Tower - Take a pleasant ride up this beautiful ride that pays attribute to a Coney Island classic.  But remember, what goes up, must come down…in freefall mode!

Lynn's Trapeze - Swing with grace and glide at ease on this flying carousel, featuring artistic renderings of historic Coney Island. Do you have the talent to join the circus’ trapeze troupe?

Watermania - Coney Island Water Ride That’s a Real BLAST! Water Mania introduces a super fun cool-down attraction to Luna Park where riders of all ages have a wet and wild time. Hop in a four-seater car floating in a crystal-blue pool of water, wrap your fingers around your personal blaster and enjoy a Coney Island water ride where it’s soak or be soaked! It’s like an intense water pistol duel in spinning tea cups where targets are always changing, but watch out for sneak attacks as your friends and family use interactive cannons to squirt, spray and soak riders from the sideline.

WindstarZ - Take control of your ride on the latest attraction to make it’s world debut in Coney Island! The all-new WindstarZ feels like you’re hang gliding high above the Boardwalk. With an interactive motion that let’s you guide your flight using the direction of the wind, you’ll surely have a ride unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.


Mild Thrill

Speed Boat - Kick it into gear and hop over the waves.  Do you have what it takes to win this speed boat race?Tea Party - Spin your own oversized tea cup into oblivion.  Can you hold your tea and crumpets down?

Mermaid Parade - Ever want to be the star of a parade?  Be the star on this kid-sized water flume. Wave and smile to the crowd!

B&B Carousell - First built in 1906 and a fixture of Brooklyn amusement park culture dating to the 1930s, the B&B Carousell has the power to transport riders back to simpler times. Painstakingly restored to its original charm and beauty as the last of the great Coney Island carousels, this magical amusement is the centerpiece of the Steeplechase Plaza and a signature ride at Luna Park. So step right up, choose from one of 50 hand-carved wooden horses or two grand chariots, and bask in the graceful charm of old-world amusement park attractions in New York City’s original home for fun in the sun.

Seaside Swing - Nothing beats a swing ride with the cool, ocean breeze blowing through your hair.  Swing high and reach for the sky!

Magic Bikes - The New Coney Island Ride Where Spirits Soar Sky High!  The best place for a bike ride in Brooklyn just might be in the skies above Luna Park in Coney Island. Jump aboard an elevated seat on a two-person colorfully decorated hang glider vehicle, put your feat on the bicycle pedals and get ready for a theme park experience that’s truly uplifting. Once you take off you are in full control, swooping and flying through the air on an NYC family attraction that captures the whimsical feeling of riding bikes across the sky.Ride!

Tea Party - The Wind Whistles at this Wild Tea Party! Guests of all ages get lost in their imagination on this all-time classic amusement park ride for families. Step inside one of our beautifully detailed oversized teacups and hold on tight because you’re about to be swimming in hot water! Control the action at your own private party using the central steering wheel, manually spinning your teacup in either direction and just as fast as you can handle.

Brooklyn Barge - Set sail on the open seas in the rockin’ little tug boat. There’s nothing like feeling the salt water air on your face, and our Brooklyn Barge does not disappoint! You’ll feel the fun of the waves as you rock back and forth, and if you’re worried the waves might be a little too choppy for you, it’s ok. Perfect for all kinds of passengers, you’ll always be able to bring your First Mate along.



Call (718) 373-5862 x114

Please let us know you found us on BirthdayPartyWebsites.com!

Package and pricing subject to changes on www.LunaParkNYC.com




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