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Go-Karts > Kids N' Action Entertainment Center

Kids N' Action Entertainment Center

1149 McDonald Avenue Brooklyn NY 11230 Phone: (718) 377-1818

Kids N' Action is Brooklyn NY's premier family entertainment center. Where we cater to your children's needs. Kids N' Action offers a safe, clean, and friendly atmosphere for you and your family ENJOYMENT! Kids N' Action is designed to provide a one level playground with everything included!!

Attractions include: a four level playground, a toddler section, indoor roller coaster, indoor train, go-karts, arcade, video games, redemption games and more!

Birthday Parties in your own private party room, hostess, food (All of our food is under the strict supercvsion of Rabbi Chaim Yishaya Fallack, Av Beit Din Samiheli), birthday cake and more!


Call (718) 377-1818

1149 McDonald Avenue (Between Avenues I & J), Brooklyn, NY 11230



Kids N' Action offers a unique softplay structure (one of the biggest of its kind). This is a four level playground that is specifically designed to give younger children their playing field at the lower levels and our older children more advanced fun at the higher levels.

Toddler Section
- Not forgetting our little ones Kids N' Action has a uniquely designed toddler section. Here we provide our youngest customers their share of the fun and experience.

Indoor Roller Coaster - Kids will not get bored at Kids N' Action. We offer a wide range of real and adventurous indoor rides for all ages. For our more adventurous kids Kids N' Action provides a stimulating indoor roller coaster. The roller coaster is designed to simulate a full outdoor coaster while maintaining the safety and control of our indoor environment.

Softplay Area - Starting with the little ones Kids N' Action offers a slow winding train that encircles our softplay area. Parents are welcomed to enjoy the ride together with their little ones. The children will never want to leave the train ride. They will want to keep on riding and riding and riding.

Go-Karts - And for those that want the ultimate thrill Kids N'Action offers an exilliarating Go-Cart track. With curves and straightaways just like the real thing. Kids NEVER want to get off this ride.

Our archade games are hand selected to insure the most child friendly entertainment. We are well aware of the violent video games that our children are being exposed to and Kids 'N action insures that these games are not part of our fun.

Video Games - Our games are not just video games. We have a large selection of redemption games that kids enjoy, use their skills, and walk away with tickets that could be redeemed for a large selection of prizes.


All of our food is under the strict supercvsion of Rabbi Chaim Yishaya Fallack, Av Beit Din Samiheli. Pat Yisrael, Chalav Yisrael, Kemach Yashan.



Call (718) 377-1818




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