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Gamin' Ride of the Jersey Shore

08742 Phone: (848) 480-3841

Gamin’ Ride is a Mobile Interactive Entertainment Center on wheels that brings the fun right to your doorstep! Our mobile theater immerses 24 guests into a 4D interactive Party Experience courtesy of our vibrating simulation seating, game scents and XBOX 360, PS3, Wii and the Ultimate in High-Definition Gaming.

In addition to the Mobile Video Game Theater we also offer: Outdoor Laser Tag, Hydro Wars, Sumo Wrestling, Bumper Balls, Whack-A-Doodle, iDance, Photo Keepsakes and more!

Our on-board interactive event hosts help create the Experience and capture the memories, all the while keeping guests on their toes with a slew of activities, games and contests.

Let Gamin’ Ride be your one-stop-shop for all your party needs. Gamin' Ride, Games with Horse Power!


Call us at (848) 480-3841 or (888) 364-2637

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We travel throughout the Jersey Shore, NJ


Gamin' Ride Mobile Video Game Experience

  • Our Mobile Video Game Theater houses state of the art gaming consoles, high-definition displays, and the most popular multiplayer game titles. 
  • 4D interactive environment courtesy of our proprietary simulation seating that rumbles to the in-game action and Smell-a-Vision System that dispenses a smell unique to the game each group is playing.
  • "Game Gurus", our interactive and engaging party hosts
  • Special effect lighting system
  • Interactive candy art station
  • Gamin’ Ride Experience Cam capturing all the action!
  • Outdoor theater, which features a retractable awning and two jumbo-sized HDTV displays sets that are equipped with dedicated Nintendo Wii consoles, Satellite TV and Live Video Feeds of what is happening inside the theater.
  • We have theaters that are equipped to entertain over 24 guests at one time.
  • All of our gaming stations are connected to all of the major gaming consoles – the Wii, PS3, and XBOX 360.



Outdoor Laser Tag

  • Moments after we arrive, our Certified Game Gurus will quickly setup a mobile Laser Tag Field complete with bases, out zones, props, phasers and headbands.
  • The Game Gurus Interact with all the guests, make teams and setup gameplay scenarios. Our Laser Tag is different than any type you have ever played before.
  • WWe come with a fully stocked chest of costumes so guests can dress up as Cowboys, Indians, Police, Medics, and much more to feel in character during specific gameplay scenarios! It's funny and exciting at the same time.
  • Our interactive hosts engage all the players in various games like Capture the Flag, Recover the Prisoner, Save the Guru and much more! The games are typically fast-paced so we can keep the attention of the players and a good rotation of teams if we are dealing with a large group.
  • No matter the age or skill level of the guests, our Indoor / Outdoor Laser Tag Experience is an incredible amount of fun for everyone!

Bumper Balls

  • Climb into our one of a kind Bumper Balls! Exclusively offered on Gamin' Ride and available to our clients nationwide. Now a dozen of your friends can play, roll, bump and interact with one another inside our branded Bumper Balls. 
  • Perfect for large grassy areas or small front / back lawns. Perfectly safe, perfectly fun, and the perfect attraction for 'The Ultimate Interactive Party Experience!'

Sumo Wrestling

  • Hilarious, fun, and completely harmless! It's Sumo Wrestling!!! Gamin' Ride now offers this popular spectator attraction to all of our clients. This hysterical take on the ancient precursor to modern wrestling is perfect for guests ages 9 and above. Whether between kids or adults, each head-to-head Sumo Wrestling match creates so much excitement and adds plenty to the WOW factor of your event.
  • Begin by accepting the challenge to take on the Tournament's reigning champion. Step into the huge, padded Sumo Suits and battle it out by trying to push your opponent out of the Gamin' Ride Sumo Circle. Our professionally trained Game Gurus will be sure to capture the memories to include at the end-of-event slideshow presentation or your Experience DVD with our on-board Experience Cam. Sit back, relax and watch how much fun Sumo Wrestling can bring to your next event!

Hydro Wars

  • Hydro Wars is one of our newest attractions that combines the fun and gameplay scenarios of laser tag with the excitement of getting wet and wild. Whether you decide to have a stand-alone Hydro Wars party or are planning to combine it with one of our other interactive attractions, it is sure to keep everyone engaged!
  • Hydro Wars is an attraction that can support over 30 guests at the same time. Each one of the players receives their own Super Streamer and unique vest with key weak points that fill up when struck with water . Players are advised to strategically maneuver throughout the Hydro Wars course, avoiding enemies and obstacles while trying to invade the other team's base in order to flood their H-Zone with water. When a player's Flood Gauge fills up with water, that participant is out of the game for the remaining duration of the match and will be eligible to participate in the following match once the Flood Gauge has been drained.
  • Each team also receives a stockpile of Hydro Grenades and Splash Bombs which can be launched against the other team and their base, exploding water all over their vests and H-Zone. At the conclusion of each round, both teams will face-off at the XSPLATTER station where they will quickly pump air and water in their opponent's water balloon which is hanging right over their head. The player who pumps the fastest will blast the opponent's balloon, soaking them and winning the bonus points.
  • Hydro Wars is exclusively offered by Gamin' Ride and is an attraction that should not be missed out on, especially during your region's warmer weather months. So whether you are hosting a pool party and need live entertainment and hosts or want your guests to experience something new and memorable, Hydro Wars provided by Gamin' Ride is the answer.


  • Game shows have been around for a long time and are still popular even today. Whack-a-Doodle is a combination between Jeopardy, Double Dare and Minute to Win It. Each player is given a yellow, numbered construction hat and a mini swim noodle to play the game. Questions are asked and players need to use the mini swim noodle to 'clobber' themselves or an opposing team member when they know or think that their opponent does not know the answer. It is truly a hilarious game that brings everyone together.
  • Questions for the Game Show can be generic or customized specifically for the Guest of Honor or type of event.
  • No matter what type of event or the age of guests, Whack-a-Doodle is the perfect Game Show format that provides an innovative, exciting and interactive experience for both the participants playing and the audience watching.
  • Ask us today how we can customize a Game Show Production for your event or to add this attraction to your Mobile Video Game Theater party in order to engage more guests at the same time.


  • Dance is a powerful multiplayer system that engages up to 150 players at one time in a rhythm-based group exercise game that promotes fitness and fun. Everyone is familiar with Dance Dance Revolution, a popular video game in many arcades which has incurred much commercial success by way of its body-moving game mechanics and song track listing. The problem with that particular platform is that only two players can interact at one time on the same screen. 
  • The iDance system has been designed specifically on a multiplayer platform where each player can play on his own dance platform, on the same screen, with up to three levels at the same time.
  • Imagine up to 150 guests,  students, or colleagues playing at the same time on the same screen, whether it's a health & wellness or fitness event, private party, team work or fundraiser challenge.

Photo Booth

  • Everyone loves our custom photo booth at our Gamin' Ride events. Our engaging Game Gurus help to create memories that last a lifetime at each of our Party Experiences. The ability to create custom photo keepsakes from the Experience and have them ready by the end of the party is truly amazing and incredibly convenient!
  • From keepsake photo folders to double-sided photo key chains and custom 'Thank Yous', our team can produce these 'Fun Fotos' in minutes and have them distributed to all party guests by the end of the event.
  • The best party gift is a personalized one. Ask our Guest Service Agents about 'Fun Foto' packages that can be added to your Gamin' Ride Party.
  • Also, new this year is our Video Guestbook, which captures video messages from guests and then burns them onto a DVD to keep forever. These video messages have been a unique way to remember an event for years to come. It's a priceless enhancement to your event so add it today.
  • Ask us about the Custom 'Thank Yous' and Photo/Video DVD Package!




Gamin' Ride is Perfect for your:

  • Birthday Parties
  • School & Church Fundraisers
  • Graduation Events
  • Festivals & Carnivals
  • Summer Camps
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvahs
  • Corporate Team Building
  • Celebration of any occasion!



Visit our website to see our Mobile Video Game Theater & More!

Call us at (848) 480-3841 or (888) 364-2637

Tell us you found us on BirthdayPartyWebsites.com




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