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ClimbMax Climbing Gym

ClimbMax Climbing Gym

1330 W. Auto Drive, Suite 108 Tempe AZ 85284 Phone: 480.626.7755

Kids Rock Climbing Party!

Arizona's Largest Rock Gym - Our climbing walls and routes are crafted to provide a rewarding experience, one that is fun and challenging. They are designed to be effective as both an introduction to climbing for beginners and for honing the skills of the seasoned climber. 
Kids Rock to the Max - Kids have their very own climbing area, complete with a climb-through cave. Don't worry, adults have their own climb-through cave, too - the only one in Arizona!  Rockin' Facilities!

Climbmax Gym is fully air-conditioned and all climbing area floors are covered with state-of-the-art, extra-thick padding for maximum safety..


Call 480.626.7755

1330 W. Auto Drive, Suite 108, Tempe, AZ 85284




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