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American Paintball Coliseum

4100 Grape St Denver CO 80216 Phone: 303-298-8573

APC is your Birthday Party Headquarters!!
When they are too old for Chucky Cheese but too young for a night on the town, what do you do for their birthday party? The answer is simple, take them paintballing! 
For over 10 years, American Paintball Coliseum has specialized in making your Denver Colorado birthday party one to remember for a long time to come. Each event is a new, exciting experience that will have everyone talking for weeks! We are the number one place for fun, relaxation and excitment around the Denver area. 
At American Paintball Coliseum, we make sure that the entire birthday party process is easy, enjoyable and a unique experience.


Call 303-298-8573

Please let us know you found us on BirthdayPartyWebsites.com!

4100 Grape St, Denver, CO 80216


How much does an APC birthday party cost?

  • Birthday parties that are held at American paintball Coliseum vary in price depending on the activity and what kind of add-ons you would like to choose from.
  • Group discounts start at 10 or more players for both paintball & airsoft. For larger groups, we encourage you to contact us by phone at (303) 298-8573 or send us an email through our contact us page.

What is included for a birthday party?

  1. Each birthday party or kids party that takes place at American Paintball Coliseum includes:
  2. Entrance pass for use of the fields
  3. Rental equipment if necessary
  4. Gun
  5. Mask (paintball & airsoft)
  6. Gives ear eye and jaw protection
  7. Air tank or batteries (paintball & airsoft)
  8. Tables for loading up and a place to hang out between games
  9. Ability to play with only your group
  10. Amount of paintballs or BB’s purchased

Add ons and upgrades

  • American Paintball Coliseum offers several options for upgrades to make your event even more special!
  • To order add on’s for your party, please contact us by calling (303) 298-8573 or mark the options when making online reservations.

Each goodie bag includes:

  • Decorated party bag
  • 1 Custom rubber wristband from rapidwristbands.com
  • 2 Free Field Passes to American Paintball Coliseum
  • Sticker sheet
  • Goodie Bags ($5/bag)


Birthday person T-shirt ($15) –

  • Airsoft Birthday Party Special ShirtLaser Tag Birthday Party Tshirt Back
  • The birthday person is the most important person in the group for that day (next to mom, of course) and we want all their friends to know it too! Only the birthday person can buy this shirt and wear it for the day. This t-shirt lets everyone in the facility know who’s birthday it is and is also a great souvenir that only your child will have!

Party Room ($20/hour)

  • Every group gets a section of tables but they can get messy during the party with paintballs, spilt drinks, and dirty hands. American Paintball Coliseum has private party rooms for rent so your group can eat and open presents without all the mess or around other people.
  • To schedule a time for a party room, please call us at (303) 298-8573.



Call 303-298-8573

Please let us know you found us on BirthdayPartyWebsites.com!

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