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Always Entertaining

Phone: 203-698-7773

Always Entertaining offers Event Planning & Entertainment.  Let us turn your inspiration into magic!

We are dedicated to providing only the highest quality entertainment, gorgeous costuming, top-notch performers, lots of humor and good taste. And, we are, Always Entertaining!  We custom design original events that are creative and unforgettable. We have endless resources nationwide and over two decades of experience working with top corporations and high-end private parties.

Always Entertaining was the entertainment of choice at the U.S. Open!


In New York City call 212-255-9540

In Connecticut or Westchester call 203-698-7773

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Always Entertaining provides the finest in professional children's entertainment programs.  For Birthday Parties and family celebrations we have charismatic and talented performers who will totally engage the kids, are high energy and have really wonderful costumes.  Plus you can depend on us to show up!

We have many different options to choose from depending on your theme and the ages of your kids. 



Birthday Party Shows

  • Always Entertaining has the finest in professional children's entertainment programs.
  • For birthday parties and family celebrations we have charismatic and talented performers that will totally engage the kids.
  • They have high energy and really wonderful costumes.
  • We have many different options to choose from, we offer the party of your child's dreams.  Plus you can depend on us to show up!
  • Our birthday party shows are approximately 40 minutes in length, flexible to any space, are self contained and the kids will love them!
  • After the show our performers can stay and give every child a colorful balloon animal, a glittering face painting, teach the kids circus skills and even give out beautiful, real peacock feathers to show them how to balance objects.
  • We are alway a big hit!


Magic Show

  • Amazing illiusions and mystifying slight-of-hand, mixed with comedy and great music are what makes these shows spectacular. 
  • Some of the finest magicians in New York, who specialize in excellent children's entertainment, will perform wonders in front of their eyes.
  • Mesmerizing card tricks, scarf and rope illusions, coins, bubble tricks and endless other magical moments will keep the audience on the edge of their seats.
  • A perfect show for any age.


Wizard Show

  • Catch the Hogwarts Express and see this enchanting show filled with the mysticism and magic of Harry Potter.
  • This show's star is a fascinating wizard who sets the state mixing magic potions and a huge black cauldren.
  • He'll perform captivating tricks that will thrill and delight of every age as he weaves his tale of sorcery and the supernatural.
  • Then he'll demonstrate the skills every young wizard-in-training needs to know from Hogwarts.


Little Girl Parties

  • This party will be every little girl's dream event. 
  • We'll send an exceptionally beautiful and talented dancer and actress to your daughter's party in the character of your choice.
  • She'll bring a fanciful wardrobe of dress-up clothes and teach all the girls how to dress for the ball, perform in the latest dance steps, put on pretty makeup and paint their nails.
  • We show them how to be a runway  model, have games and conests within the theme of their choice.
  • They can then paint a glitering face painting design on each of them and do fanciful balloon art to make this a truly special and memorable party for every little girl present.
  • Here are some of the costume characcters we offer: Princess, Madeline, Dora the Explorer, Snow White, The Teen Titans, Batman and Robin, Ms. Frizzle, Victorian Tea Party, Cinderella, Sixties Peace Party, Ballerina, Spice Girl Party, Fairy Princess, Bess (Beauty and the Beast), Seventies Disco Party, Kitty Cats, Snow White, Esmeralda, Pochahontas, Barbie Doll, Alice in Wonderland, Little Mermaid, Molly and the Comfy Couch, Hawaiian Hula Party, Sonic the Hedgehog, Mimes, Fifties Sock Hop, Little Orphan Annie, Darla "Little Rascals", Robotics, Magical Unicorn


Song and Dance Partry

  • Let one of our top NYC dancers/choreographers create an exciting party for your kids.
  • They'll bring great music and teach everyone the latest and teh hottest dance steps around.
  • With their hip style, high energy and talent they'll have your crowd on their feet moving the entire time.
  • They'll do contests and games and by the end of the party everyone will feel energized and happy.
  • This is perfect for that budding teenager who wants to have a "hip" and fun party.
  • We offer a solo performer, a dance team and even a sensational DJ to make a bigger impact.



  • Weaving stories from around the world and bringing literature to life in an exciting way, keeps children thoroughly entertained.
  • With a bag of costumes, puppets, funny props, wonderful music and movement.
  • We have the children actually "act out" many of the characters in each tale to create whole areas of interactivity and spontaneous performances.
  • This is especially good for the younger kids ages 1 - 3.


Musical Sing Along

  • Children love music especially when they get to sing along to all of their favorite songs.
  • Our terrific children's entertainers and singers will play and teach the kids the traditioal songs we all know and love. 
  • Passing out musical instruments to every child they all get to participate and join in the fun.
  • Combining performance and participation, puppets and comedy this is the perfect show for everyone.
  • This is also recommended for the younger kids ages 1-3 years old.


Face Painting and Body Art

  • We create original disigns of glittering fun.  Our artistic and unique style is truly the finest you will ever see anythere.
  • With delicate brushes, theatrical makeup and very fine eye glitter our eye designs, unicorns, roses, start, hearts, fire breathing dragons, snakes, peace signs and hundreds of other choices will have both children and adults excited to be painted.
  • Our outstanding body art work on the arm, chest, ankles, even a bald head looks like real tattoo work but is totally washable and very fast to do.

Techno Games

  • It's a high tech world and we offer hundreds of the newest, latest, hottest options for any theme imaginable.
  • From Cyber Arenas to Game Shows, amazing photo booths, virtual reality, carnival games, craft tables, karaoke, inflatables and even a 3D Motion Thrill Rede.


Children and Family Stage Shows

  • Always Entertaining presents the finest in professional children and family entertainment programs.
  • We have original, exciting shows that encourage participation and expand the imaginations of children of all ages.
  • Our shows are approximately 30 to 45 minutes in length, flexible to any space, are self contained with professional sound systems, great music and the kids will love them!
  • We send only top, professional entertainers who are charismatic, talented and wonderful with kids of all ages.
  • Plus we always show up!
  • And our costumes are impeccable and gorgeous.


Techno Games

  • It's a high tech world and we offer hundreds of the newest, latest, hottest options for any theme imaginalbe.
  • From Cyber Arenas to Game Shows, amazing photo booths, virtual reality, carnival games, craft tables, karaoke, inflatables and more.
  • Even a 3D Motion Thrill Ride.
  • The fun is limitless when Always entertaining provides yo with what you need.
  • Fun for everyone, family and friends included.
  • Imagine techno game machines in the privacy of your home or party space.


Rainbow Circus

  • This splendid one ring Circus expands teh imagination and inspires creativity through aduience participation, laughter and set to great music.
  • This fast-paced show is a funny combination of circus arts, clowning and slapstick.
  • There is a new trick every minute and stunning visuals which may include spinning plates, parasols, magic and even large puppets.
  • This show will thrill and delight children of all ages.


Event Planning

  • Design and Production
  • Tents
  • Catering
  • Lighting
  • On-site Management
  • Audio/Visual Production
  • From Design Development through flawless execution, our experienced team delivers outstanding results in creating Dynamic and Unique Events.
  • We have built a trust for over two decades by listening to our clients, being imaginative, dependable and bringing uncompromising quality to every aspect of the events we produce.
  • Anything is possible! One Company, One Call.


  • One of the most important elements of any successful event is the Right Music. From an elegant Black Tie affair to a Tropical Beach Party, we have the style of music that fits your theme, taste and budget.
  • Whether you need a Full Orchestra, a Jazz Trio, a Classical String Quartet, an exciting Rock 'n Roll Band or a DJ to spin the latest dance tunes, Always Entertaining will set it all up for you in style.
  • We have phenomenal Studio Musicians and Recording Artists with years of experience. They keep our guests dancing, on their feet or relaxing to soothing sounds.



  • The Decor of your event is an integral component of your guest's total experience.
  • Anything you can think of, we can make come to life.
  • From Buffet presentations to corresponding Floral arrangements, Always Entertaining provides harmonized adornments to enrich your Theme.

Visit our website or call us:

In New York City call 212-255-9540

In Connecticut or Westchester call 203-698-7773

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