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Active Kidz Long Island

Active Kidz Long Island

200 Robbins Lane Jericho NY 11753 Phone: 516-621-6600

Active Kidz Long Island is the premier indoor play area on Long Island for children up to age 12.  We are a 20,0000 sf Family Entertainment Center which offers a variety of new and exciting attractions for kids and adults.

A birthday at Active Kidz is an experience to be shared by everyone. We give the birthday child, family and friends unforgettable memories that last a lifetime.  


Call 516-621-6600

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200 Robbins Lane, Jericho, NY 11753



Play laser tag in our 4,500 square foot Battle Quest Arena. Players battle in this post-apocalyptic world of Terminator and Transformers. Against a backdrop of twisted metal and rubble, players battle giant mechanical droids which hover over this lost city ready to strike at any time. Fire at the Warbot but be wary for it will return fire. Try to disengage the center core and acquire bonus points for your team. Strategize to advance on your opponents' territory and capture their base. This fully interactive game will engage and challenge players of all ages.

We have a separate room devoted to 3 giant inflatables: the 17 foot high and 36 foot long Adrenaline Maze featuring a double crossover course with escalators, tunnels, obstacles and two giant slides; the 18 foot high Koombo Combo with two slides, a ball pool and an inflatable bridge; and our 31 foot long 3 in 1 Sports Arena with a bounce house, climbing ladder and large slide. Your kids will have many hours of supervised fun where they can jump, climb and play.

Our 4 level Adventure Maze has been custom built and is one of the largest on the North Shore of Long Island. With over 40 play elements including slides, tunnels and bridges, our indoor playground is a children's paradise. Kids can head up the web elevator climb, slip through our big ball squeeze, crawl along winding tunnels (with windows to keep adventurers in full view) and have a breathtaking ride sliding down our super fast red slide or long and winding spiral slide.

Children 3 and under will enjoy our expanded Toddler Area filled with a variety of educational and interactive toys that will keep your child busy for hours. Sail the high seas on our new 14 foot long pirate ship equipped with a gang plank, slide and secret compartment below deck.

You enter a battlefield where there is a continuous flow of rapid fire foam nerf balls from 8 cannons filling the air. Players take turns shooting their cannons and running between obstacles to retrieve their nerf balls. Get extra points by hitting targets and catching your opponents' balls. This is a fast paced high energy game that will keep kids moving.

Lazer Frenzy is the hottest new attraction in the United States. The object of this game is to navigate through a web of laser beams to get across the room as fast as possible without touching the beams. Like a spy from Mission Impossible, players must use strategy and balance to map out a path that will allow them to successfully maneuver around the laser beams.

Under the supervision of our trained staff, children can climb up, down and across our 30 foot custom built traverse wall filled with geometric shapes and unusual footholds. Older kids will love our 20 foot high wall with its automatic belay system. The 20 foot rock climbing wall is shaped like a cliff with beginner, intermediate and expert courses.

Have the ultimate dance party at Active Kidz. With our special glow sticks in hand, kids will get energized under the black lights dancing to the hottest tunes and playing cool games from limbo and freeze dance to coke and pepsi.

Our Arcade center has 19 exciting games. Kids can trade in tickets they win for cool prizes at our Redemption counter.




  • We offer a variety of packages, please call for more info!


Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

  • Please contact us for Bar/Bat Mitzvah party information.


Party Favors

Toddler Favors
Jungle Bag - Includes paddleball, bubbles, Kaleidescope, crayons and figurine.
Train Bag - Includes Frisbee, train whistle, figurine and bubbles.
Bubble Bag - Includes large bubble wand with sunglasses attached.

Boy Favors
Bungee Ball Bag - Includes sports ball w/Velcro wristband, foam flyer and walking man.
Rocket Bag - Rocket launcher with separate bag attached with sports wrist band and foam flyer.
Sports Bag - Water bottle with Active Kidz logo, sports wrist band and foam flyer.

Girl Favors
Jump Rope Bag - Includes jump rope, bracelet and necklace.
Rocket Bag - Rocket launcher with separate bag attached with bracelet and bubbles.

Melissa & Doug Favors
Decorate your own crafts (race car, train, pirate chest, heart chest, cozy cottage, princess mirror, door hanger), sticker books & more.


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  • Classes
  • Groups / Playgroups & Gym Rentals
  • Holiday & Vacation Programs
  • Snack Bar
  • Toddler Room
  • Rock Climbing Room
  • Laser Tag 


Call 516-621-6600

Please let us know you found us on BirthayPartyWebsites.com

Packages & Pricing subject to changes on our website where pricing always prevails.




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