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Games2U New Jersey

NJ Phone: (908) 279-7943

Games2U is the hottest entertainment on the planet brought right to your doorstep!

Games2U New Jersey takes you where no games have gone before with unique, interactive mobile entertainment like our mind-blowing Video Game Theaters and 4D Ride Experiences; high-tech Laser Tag; giant-sized, kid-driven U-Bots; life-size Hamster Balls and so much more. With exciting activities for every age, we can bring out the kid in just about everyone.


Call (908) 279-7943

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Our Mobile Game Theater is totally self-contained, climate controlled and self-powered.  With huge HDTV's connected to the latest gaming systems (XBOX 360 and Wii), Enhanced Quality Surround Sound, Laser Lights, Sleek Theater Design and Next Generation Graphics, players are virtually immersed in the games. Players can play against each other, in teams, or different games at once.  It is truly the most eye-popping, ear-splitting, spine-tingling video game playing experience ever!!  Our Game Coaches get everyone involved regardless of age or skill level.  Parents can sit back, relax and enjoy watching while we do all the work!  Or participate in the fun!!

Games2U features the hottest games for all ages on XBOX 360 and Wii.




Video Game Theater
Our video game theaters are stocked with the latest, hottest titles on the most current systems.

Outdoor Laser Tag
Divide into teams and battle for supremacy in the outdoor laser tag field in a variety of controlled games like capture the flag and base defender.

Games2U Giant Hamster Ball
Kids and adults climb inside these giant inflatable balls and have a blast as they roll around. With two Hamster Balls, you can have races around an obstacle course.

Games2U Booger Wars
Booger Wars is played like dodge ball with one giant nose on each side of the field. Wearing velcro vests and protective eyewear, players throw bean bag "boogers" at each other. If a booger sticks to you, you're out. Last one standing wins!

Games2U Foam Machine
When the Foam Machine is plugged in, the foam pool is aired up, and the foam begins to grow to enormous size. Fun for all ages, the foam machine produces hypoallergenic and biodegradable foam. Hop out of the foam machine for a great photo op!

Satellite TV Tailgating
Watch the Big Game while playing your favorite video game, or just have an amazing tailgating experience with our satellite TV system wired directly into our giant external flat-screen TVs.

Games2U Human Gyroscope

Around, around, and upside down you will go in our Games2U Gyroscope. Made for both one and two individuals (the two-seater version is pictured), feel the sensation of a roller coaster brought straight to you.

Games2U Candy Cannon

Have you ever seen the t-shirt cannons at a basketball game? The Games2U Candy Cannon brings mega fun to any event. Fill it with party favors or a t-shirt for the honoree to make your event a blast!

AV Cart
Forget entertainment on the TV. Project any game, video, and more at super size with the AV cart, complete with amplifiers, music-activated LED lights, and compatible with Wii, Xbox 360, and PS3.



Call for more information: (908) 279-7943

Please let us know you found us on BirthdayPartyWebsites.com!




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