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All About Entertainment, Inc.

1900 N University Drive Pembroke Pines FL 33024 Phone: 954-433-7348

All About Entertainment is an exclusive event company that specializes in incredible, over-the-top private parties and public events for children and families.

From creative balloon décor & centerpieces to custom cakes, circus performers, Hawaiian entertainment, theme parties, pirate performers, variety entertainers, and much more. Whatever your theme, we can help.

All About Entertainment also provides great additions like fantastic magicians, face painters, airbrush artists, henna artists, personalized chocolate bar wrappers, themed candy buffet tables and other fun party elements.  

Animal Themed Parties, Winter or Frozen Ice Princess Inspired Party Themed Options, Barbie Themed Options, Princess Themed Party Options, Fairy Themed Party Options, Pink Poodle in Paris Themed Options, Pirate Themed Party, Super Hero Party, Rock N Roll Party, Diva Party, Tea Party, Western Party, Under the Sea, Sports Party, Barnyard Party and more!


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Basic Birthday Bash

  • The Basic Birthday Bash is a GREAT option if you are:  On a budget. Looking for a program for any age range between 3-11 years old, Having a party with 15 kids or less (It's perfect for smaller parties!).  Having a party in a small space (a living room, restaurant, classroom, etc.) OR have no access to electricity
  • The entertainer will bring a small, battery powered, tabletop sound-system, wireless mic, music and all the props needed to guide your guests through fun, non-stop, interactive games and activities.
  • The program is customized to the age group at your party. For example, toddler shows usually incorporate activities like silly sing-a-longs, bubble play and parachute play. A party for a group of 10 year olds might incorporate activities like bubble gum blowing contests, the Cha-Cha Slide, and "Meltdown Simon Says."
  • This program can either be 1 hour of interactive, non-stop fun, games, music and dancing appropriate for the age range of your party, OR it can be:
  • 30 min. Games followed by Face Painting for up to 15 kids
  • 30 min. Games followed by Balloon Twisting for up to 15 kids (not for kids under 3)
  • 30 min. Games followed by Hair Beading for up to 15 kids
  • PRICING:  1 hour: $350, 1.5 hours: $525
  •  There is a $25 travel fee for events in Miami-Dade or Palm Beach counties.

Glam and Jam Party

  • One of our totally fab professional entertainers will come to your event with a full sound system, props, music, make-up and everything else they need to keep your guests glammed up, dancing, laughing, and having a jammin' good time with all of the following:
  •  Awesome music
  • Custom makeovers for each girl: iridescent and glitter eye shadow, beautiful blush, sparkling lip-gloss, and body glitter.
  • Then, the fun begins with interactive games, activities and dancing that will keep the guest of honor and all her friends having such a great time that your party will be the talk of the town for years!
  •  Your entertainer will need 2 chairs, enough space for all of your guests to spread out and dance, access to electricity and, if outdoors, an area to setup under overhead coverage.
  •  Add-Ons:
  • Plush pink 6-foot feather boas: $6 per guest, Marabou Tiaras: $1 per guest,  
  • Fun Giveaways: $60 added to Party Total (examples include: glow bracelets, hats, necklaces, etc.)
  •  Glam & Jam Goody Bags: $6 per guest (includes a variety of 6-8 cool items geared toward specific age group)
  • PRICING: 1 1/2 hours: $750 (for 1-20 guests), 2 hours: $1,000 (for 21-30 guests), 2 1/2 hours: $1,250 (for 31-40 guests)
  • There is a $25 travel fee for events in Miami-Dade or Palm Beach counties.


Note on Parties Below

  • We're just showing basic descriptions
  • (There are so many party packages that if we displayed all details this listing would go on forever!)
  • Visit AllAboutEntertainment.com for details
  • Or call (954)433-7348

GI Jane

  • To have the most fun party EVER!
  •  GI Jane will whip your guests into shape with lots of laughter, silliness and seriously fun military training.  
  • Call for details!

GuinGuin The Fairy

  • This pretty fairy will bring fun woodland games to your child's party.
  • Great for kids 2-6.

Annabelle the Pixie Fairy

  • Magical Laughter, silliness, fun & frolic are what you will get if you bring our whimsical pixie fairy Annabelle to your child’s party.
  • Call for details.

Medieval Fun and Games

  • Your beautiful maiden is ready to take your child & her guests to the enchanting renaissance era.

Pajama Rama

  • Bring some fun to your little girls sleepover!

Party Olympics

  • You get an official Party Olympics coach and assistant, high-energy sports music, win-win competitions, small prizes and lots of laughter and action.
  • Great for kids 4-10.

Sugar Rush Relay & Games

  • Using candy themed props & music, our really SWEET candy game expert will keep your little
  • lollipops happy.

Super Hero Training Camp

  • Bring Super Hero Training Camp to your party and let your little guests tap into their inner super hero!

Western/Farmer Program

  • If you are having a Western, barnyard, farm or animal theme then this is the show for you! 
  • It's perfect for kids 1-12 years old because each show is customized for the specific age group at your event.  

Paleontologist Program

  • This 1 hour interactive dinosaur fun and games program is great for kids 2 up to 9 years old.

Pirates in Training

  • Bring our pirate training school to your party!

Princess Raina

  • Royal games and activities suitable for little regal guests from age 2-10.

Royal Training Academy

  • Let Princess Raina, or GuinGuin the Fairy teach your little royals the ways of royalty through a series of fun  activities specifically designed to teach something all young royalty should learn.

Star Wars Inspired Fun and Games

  • The force will become strong with the younglings through Star Wars themed fun and games.

Super Hero Fun and Games

  • Through a series of superhero training exercises, fun games, relays and Superhero activities, your guests will be put to the test to see if they can master their Superhero skills.

Train Conductor

  • If you are having a Train theme then this is the show for you!  It's perfect for kids 2-7 years old.


  • Our DJ's are true professionals who bring a state of art sound system and music specifically geared toward the age group at your party or event.
  •  They don't do games, just play awesome music and announcements for all age groups – from family friendly children’s parties to weddings and adult parties, we have experienced, professional DJ's that can do it all!
  • All of our professionals can theme their costumes and presentations to match the theme of your event for an additional fee of $75.


  • Our MCs do a combination of playing great music on a professional sound system, making announcements throughout your event and keeping the crowd entertained and involved in the event’s activities.
  •  All of our professionals can theme their costumes and presentations to match the theme of your event for an additional fee of $75.

Fun Masters

  • Need someone to bring a professional sound system, keep your guests completely busy, happy and entertained with non-stop games, contests, music and dancing and supply small prizes? You need a Fun Master.
  • All of our professionals can theme their costumes and presentations to match the theme of your event for an additional fee of $75.

Splash Water Game Mania

  • Looking for some zany water fun for your child’s next birthday party?  Look no further for a flood of fun!

 Dare Factor Challenge

  • Do your guests have the GUTS to survive your party or event?  Find out with our Dare Factor program. Best for ages 7-19

Interactive Storytelling

  • Have our entertainers get the kids involved and bring stories to life.

Juggling Show

  • We have extremely talented, award-winning jugglers who will entertain and amaze your guests by juggling a variety of items in an age-appropriate and hilarious way!


  • Split your seams laughing along to this funny show?

 All About Sports

  • Exciting, Entertaining, and Exhilarating are just some of the words your guests might use  to describe your party if you choose our sports party option!
  • Great for kids age 5-18!

Game Show

  • Our fabulous host will lead an exciting, interactive game show with buzzers, lights, sound effects, professional sound system and small prizes.
  • Great for ages 6-adult.

In It To Win It

  • A fun series of 1 minute challenges.
  • Great for ages 6-adult.

The Art of Clowning

  • The Art of Clowning is a fantastic 45 minute entertaining and eductional show that gives kids an insider’s view of clowns! Great for ages 7 and up!

Steel Drums

  • Want a Carribean feel for your event? Our Steel Drum players are fantastic!

 Walk Around Entertainers

  • Don't want a show but still want to entertain your guests? Walk around entertaimnet is perfect!

Toddler Program

  • Just for the "younger crowd" we offer an exclusive entertainment program designed specifically for groups composed primarily of  1, 2, & 3 year olds.

Magic Show

  • One of our featured magicians will make memories that will last a lifetime.  Great for ages 4-104!

Themed Magic Shows

  • Incredible magic shows catered to your party theme.

Wildlife Show

  • These wildlife shows are not only exciting & fun, but also educational and informative. Exciting and safe for all ages!


Airbrushed Items

  • Perfect for children and teens – airbrushed items are a fun choice for party favors!

Pony Rides

  • Every child's dream! Ponies at their party!

Graffiti Eyes

  • The coolest new trend for parties and events!  And WE have it!

Bunny Farm

  • Our Bunny Petting Zoo is a great way to entertain children of all ages and offer them an interactive experience.

Clowns for Face Painting/Balloons

  • If you would like a clown to just do face painting and/or balloons at your event, we can do that. Great for all ages, they are sure to put a smile on your guests’ faces.

Face Painting

  • We are proud to say we have some of the best painters in South Florida!

Body Painting

  • Want to inpress the crowd? Hire a body painter for your event!

Balloon Twisters

  • Our artists are highly skilled in their field, and are ready to impress you and your guests from the minute they arrive. Great for ages 3 and up.


  • Looking for a fun, personalized memento for your guests to go home with? A caricaturist could be the answer!

Glitter Tattoos

  • Our highly skilled artists will surely bring smiles to your guests with their amazing paint-on glitter tattoo creations.
  • Great for all ages.

Creation Stations

  • Our creation stations are not just arts and crafts.  
  • Our creation stations are an area where guests can create a project to take home as a keepsake from your event or party.
  • We come to you, and bring everything needed.  
  • All Ages.

Spin Art

  • Kids add droplets of paint to a 5 x 7 card that is spinning to create one-of-a kind artwork.
  • Ages 3 and up.

Photo Booth

  • Our open air photo booth is fun for all ages. Fun props and attendant included!

Barbie Boutique

  • Imagine each guest receiving a doll, then being able to go to go shopping at the barbie boutique and choose an entire outfit for their doll from head to toe.

Bling Boutique

  • Shop till you drop, or until you are covered in BLING!

Dino Dig

  • We can come to your party or event and set up 6-8 individual Dino Digs where guests can dig into their own pit for dinosaur eggs.  
  • Each guest is allowed to keep the egg they find.  Look out! There may be a baby dinosaur inside.

Carnival Games

  • Our carnival games include an attendant.

Temporary Hair Color

  • Spray-on hair color is a fun accessory to complement face painting.
  • The hair color sprays come in a variety of colors and glitters.

Helium Balloon Station

  • A variety of colors for boys and girls to enjoy!


Realistic Airbrush Tattoos

  • Realistic airbrush tattoos. Very cool. Very trendy!

Party Partner

  • Just need an extra set of hands to help you at your party?
  • One of our friendly party partners may be just what you seek!

Green Screen Photography

  • Professional pictures with the digital backdrop of your choice!

Green Screen Video Bopping

  • Green Screen Video Bopping is a great video entertainment system that will keep your guests overly satisfied with laugh-out-loud fun.

Digital Caricaturist

  • High quality digital and custom designed caricatures!

Eyelash Station

  • Each girl can pick out their own pair of eyelashes and one of our artists will apply it for them. Styles range from fancy to funky!

Nail Art Designs

  • Hire one of our nail artists to come to your event and add a little nail flair to your guest's fingertips.

Glitter Makeup Station

  • Each girl can get their makeup done at our FAB make-up station.

 Flash Tattoos

  • Metallic or jewelry tattoos.

Airbrush Tattoos

  • Amazing stenciled airbrushed tattoos can last up to 1 week!

Henna Art

  • Artists use henna to paint intricate designs on the body, usually hands and feet. Also known as Mehndi.

Glamour Station

  • Get made up then dress up!

Hair Beading

  • Every girl loves to get their hair beaded. Bring one of our hair beading experts to your party and let your guests get their bead on! For all ages.

Hair Wrapping

  • These beautiful hair adornments last weeks!

Rock Star Makeovers

  • Our makeup artist will help each of your little guests find their inner rock star!

Living Tables

  • Want an awesome addition to your event tha will keep your guest talking? Then you need a living table!

Fun Foods

  • Perfect for any event and so yummy!
  • Each comes with a uniformed attendant, equipment and all supplies.

Animal Presentation

  • Our animal presentation focuses more on smaller animals. Kids get to learn and have fun!

Danger Show

  • Do you dare to be put in danger?
  • Not recommended for children under 8 years of age.

Fire Eating Show

  • A very visual and exciting show featuring a variety of fire props.

Tea Party Rentals

  • Complete Table Setting Packages
  • Floral Teacup & Saucer Sets
  • Silver Tea Sets
  • Three-tiered servers
  • ...and more!

Professional Coordinators & Event Services

  •  Event Coordinators
  • Lifeguards
  • Photographers
  • Party Assistants

Balloon Decor

  • Amazing balloon decor for all occasions!

Helium Balloons

  • Helium balloons for decor.


  • Beautiful backdrops for all different themes.



  • Our piñatas are custom made by hand according to our client's requests.
  • You can choose the  shape, theme, and style (pull-string or traditional).




Call 954-433-7348

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