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A Party Crashers Entertainment

Serving Minneapolis, St. Paul, Twin Cities And Suburbs and Western Wisconsin Phone: 612-789-6666

A Party Crashers Entertainment provides a wide selection of entertainment options for kids' & teens' events and party entertainment needs.  We offer:

Costumed Characters * Princess Parties *Super Hero Parties * Face Painting * Balloon Artists

DJ * Karaoke * Caricatures * Pirate Parties * Hula Parties * Teen Parties * and more!

Our entertainers are carefully screened and trained to ensure the quality control your kids deserve.


Call 612-789-6666



Kid’s Costumed Characters and Mascots

  • We have a variety of interactive kids' characters perfect for any age or event.
  • Depending on the character, they can sing songs to the kids, tell stories, or play games.
  • Contact us for a list of characters available.
  • Need a customized character? Please contact us as we offer a full array of entertainment options.


Princess Parties

  • Reserve a visit from one of our pretty costumed princess characters. 
  • We also have Princess Dress Up Tea Parties.


Super Hero Parties

  • Our caped crusaders can tell stories, play games, do acrobatics, and lead superhero training sessions.
  • Create an unforgettable party for your child by hiring one of our superheroes.

Face Painting

  • Choose from a number of costumed characters who can create beautiful face paintings to wow and amaze children and adults alike.
  • Our face painters can accommodate 10 – 15 kids in one hour (full face paintings), or up to 30 kids an hour (cheeks only).

Balloon Artists

  • Our balloon artists are very skilled, with many years of experience.
  • They can create hundreds of different shapes and can accommodate up to 25 children per hour.
  • If the event you're planning is larger than that, please consider hiring them for a longer period of time so they can accommodate everyone.


  • Party Crashers provides talented caricature artists to draw caricatures at your next event.
  • Great for kids parties, holiday parties, and corporate and community events.
  • For pricing information please contact us.

Pirate Parties

  • Choose from both male and female pirates.
  • Hire just one or multiple pirates for extra fun.
  • These scurvy pirates will teach your kids how to talk like pirates, play pirate games, let your kids choose a pirate name, do pirate-themed facepainting, and if you plan out a treasure hunt, our pirates can help lead the kids through the clues.

Hula Party

  • Give your child a tropical extravaganza with a Hula party.
  • Our Hula girl will come give your kids easy hula dance lessons, translate their names into Hawaiian names, do face painting of Hawaiian flowers, and play a tropical tourist racing game where we bring the costumes!

Break Dancing Party

  • Dazzle your kids with a party showcasing this mesmerizing and energetic art form.
  • Our talented break dancer is also an experienced teacher, and he will put on a show and give your group of kids basic break dancing lessons.
  • Please be sure to have an appropriate space for this party.
  • Please contact us for more details.

Party Crashers for Teens

  • Character choices include: Gorilla & Pink Gorilla, Male & Female Cops, Napoleon Dynamite & Pirates
  • DJ / Karaoke Parties
  • Please contact us for more details.

We Also Offer:

  • Singing Telegrams
  • Phone Grams
  • Corporate & Special Events
  • Parades & Community Events


Call 612-789-6666

Offerings subject to change at any time.




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